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What is the etiquitte?

Hi all. I'm still working on converting my LinuxPPC 2K HOWTO to LinuxDoc
or DocBook. Progress has been good in that I got emacs/psgml running and
my fingers are starting to work in emacs. Since the LDP seems to be
moving to DocBook, I thought I would post my deathless prose in that
format so I threw away sgmltools 1.x and got the latest sgmltools from
the cvs server. It doesn't compile though. It bombs with multiple
definition errors in the jade libraries.

My choices seem to include the following:

1.    Work with the cvs maintainers to resolve the problem.
2.    Hack out some solution myself.
3.    Try a slightly older version of the sgmltools 2.x source that I
found with rpmfind.
4.    Give up, temporarily, on DocBook and reinstall sgmltools 1.x from
the CD.
5.    Just trust one of the java based validates and upload the SGML
file without ever actually converting it.

I don't know the etiquette here. Am I expected to to report problems to
the sgmltools maintainers or will they just think I'm bugging them? Any
advice would be greatly appreciated.

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