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tools for DocBook (Re: What is the etiquitte?)


# I change the subject.

In article <38EA14E0.314F90FD@mac.com>,
  at Tue, 04 Apr 2000 12:14:24 -0400,
    on What is the etiquitte?,
 Chris Gehlker <canyonrat@mac.com> writes:

> My choices seem to include the following:
> 1.    Work with the cvs maintainers to resolve the problem.

Have you tried to replace the jade with openjade ?

The maintainer of sgml-tools, Cees de Groot wrote on sgml-tools list,
replying the question about compiling sgml-tools-2:

  | dustman@cvrti.utah.edu said:
  | > An attempt to build sgml-tools results in the errors below.  My Linux
  | > system came with egcs 2.95.2.  I believe the error occurs when trying
  | > to build jade.  Any solutions? 
  | Dump jade from the source tree and install OpenJade (URL not readily 
  | available, something with www.netfolder.com/openjade). Tried it on Solaris 
  | a couple of weeks ago, and it works just fine.

Cees now works on new sgml-tools-lite:

  | I'm off to (sunny?) California now, but just that y'all know 
  | I have created a project on SourceForge for "SGML-tools Lite", 
  | which will consist of just the Python stuff. Hopefully I'll have 
  | the time to upload stuff when I'm back, or just maybe I'll be able 
  | to find a decent Internet connection in Sillicon Valley so I can 
  | take care of it next week.
  | sgmltools-lite.sourceforge.net
  | I'll put the Python scripts in there, with a couple of backends I cooked up 
  | (PDF, nochunked HTML) and one that I'm still brewing (Palm iSilo format).

So you'd better to work on sgmltools-lite with Cees, if you choose 1 above.

> 2.    Hack out some solution myself.

You can do what you want. (I don't do it if I were you)

> 3.    Try a slightly older version of the sgmltools 2.x source 
> that I found with rpmfind.

It may be easy way. If you just want to use the tool, and are not
so interested in hacking on that tool, then this will be an efficient.

> 4.    Give up, temporarily, on DocBook and reinstall sgmltools 1.x 
> from the CD.

I will work on bug fix for sgmltools v1 (I think about to create new 
linuxdoc-tools for linuxdoc support, using the code of sgml-tools v1),
but if you can use jade, sgml-tools-2, or docbook-tools (which can be
download from ftp://sourceware.cygnus.com/pub/docbook-tools/docware/),
then you should avoid this option. linuxdoc dtd is local customization,
and it's main purpose is just to make it easy to write down sgml docs.
It's light and easy way, not for serious and powerfull writers.

> 5.    Just trust one of the java based validates and upload the SGML
> file without ever actually converting it.

If ldp people think this can be done, then you can do it.
But maybe you wish to see the converted result for yourself ? :)

> I don't know the etiquette here. Am I expected to to report problems to
> the sgmltools maintainers or will they just think I'm bugging them? Any
> advice would be greatly appreciated.

The maintainers (Cees) seems very busy recently.

  Taketoshi Sano: <kgh12351@nifty.ne.jp>

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