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Robert Hart wrote:

> Looking forward to this.
> A couple of thoughts as I work on the next PPP-HOWTO version.
> 1) Do you think that the PPPoE HOWTO should be added to the PPP-HOWTO?
>    If not, I think we should cross reference as necessary.

I've been watching some newsgroups, and *everyone* seems to be having
trouble with ADSL lines that use PPPoE.  I *was* thinking that it should be
added to the ADSL HOWTO, but it would probably be less confusing if it were
separate.  Since the setup is significantly different than bridged Ethernet
ADSL, I thought that a title like "ADSL + PPPoE HOWTO" would be best, but
I'm open for suggestions.  It may work out best to add part to the ADSL
HOWTO and part to PPP.

> 2) How does what you are doing differ from the Firewall HOWTO? I have
>    been thinking about extending the section on security in the
>    PPP-HOWTO - since so many new users are going online from Linux with
>    no security protection in place.

The same issues apply to PPPoE and PPP wrt firewalls.  The main issue here
is that ADSL is more vulnerable than a dial-up connection, if only because
the link stays connected longer.  Also, I think people are more inclined to
try to hook up a LAN to ADSL.  IMO, this makes security a high priority.  I
think a section on how to modify a standard firewall script is all that is
needed, but once again, I'm open to feedback on this.

My overall opinion regarding HOWTOs is that they should offer explanations
that even newbies can understand without making them useless for more
experienced users.  New users tend to have less skill when it comes to
finding information on the 'net.  The easier that we make it for them to
find it, the less newbie questions that will be cluttering up Usenet.

- Brent Voltz

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