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Hello and a few questions.


   I just subscribed to this ldp-discuss list and wanted to say hello
   to all involved with this list and the LDP.

   I have been working on a new HOWTO document which I would like to
   contribute it to the LDP within the next 1-2 weeks.  This 
   document is a HOWTO which describes the process of enabling Linux 
   on the Sun JavaStation NC.

   I have a preliminary document ready and have sent it around to a
   few JavaStation developers for any factual corrections.   I've received
   changes from them and the document appears ready for mass-consumption,
   at least on the content level.  One JavaStation developer has already 
   been pointing new users to it already, so that's a good sign.

   I have a few questions regarding to style:  

   I know the push is on to move the whole of LDP to Docbook.  How far 
   along is it, and is it necessary at this point?  My current source 
   is written to the LinuxDoc DTD and I post-process things with sgml-tools
   1.09, but I'd be willing to convert it to Docbook right away before 
   formally contributing it to LDP if necessary.

   Second, is there a good guide describing exactly what is needed to move
   to DocBook?  Sgmltools 2.x support Docbook, but the project is currently
   in limbo.  Are there alternatives?  What role do Jade and OpenJade 
   play in this?  Can they do the processing on their own without sgmltools?  
   This is not clear to me from the web documentation I've read.  In short, I'm
   looking for a mini-HOWTO describing the minimal set of tools I need to 
   install to enable me to get writing with Docbook.

Thanks much,


Robert Dubinski, Marquette University

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