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Re: Hello and a few questions.

On Apr 12, 11:00am, Robert Dubinski wrote:
> Subject: Hello and a few questions.
> [...]
>    I have a few questions regarding to style:
>    I know the push is on to move the whole of LDP to Docbook.  How far
>    along is it, and is it necessary at this point?  My current source
>    is written to the LinuxDoc DTD and I post-process things with
>    sgml-tools 1.09, but I'd be willing to convert it to Docbook right
>    away before formally contributing it to LDP if necessary.

Not necessary. We will continue to accept and support linuxdoc. I
don't see support for linuxdoc going away any time soon. Acceptance
of DocBook SGML is in addition to our current acceptance of linuxdoc.

>    Second, is there a good guide describing exactly what is needed
>    to move to DocBook?  Sgmltools 2.x support Docbook, but the project
>    is currently in limbo.  Are there alternatives?  What role do Jade
>    and OpenJade  play in this?  Can they do the processing on their
>    own without sgmltools?
>    This is not clear to me from the web documentation I've read.  In
>    short, I'm looking for a mini-HOWTO describing the minimal set of
>    tools I need to install to enable me to get writing with Docbook.

This is being worked on. We have a primilinary guide which can
be seen here :

  "DocBook HOWTO"
  by Jorge Godoy

Jorge is working on updating it to include more information
about tools.



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