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Re: Report on LDP at Montreal

Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@canada.com>:
> >>>>> "D" == David Lawyer <dave@lafn.org> writes:
>     D> Was it worthwhile?  If one compares the time and money spent to
>     D> attend against the benefit to the LDP, then it wasn't
>     D> worthwhile, especially in view of the fact that we had six
>     D> people there. 

It was not worth giving a conference (remeber it's the first expo in Montreal, 
maybe next year many ppl will come?)

However the booth was very usefull.

> or perhaps only on the French language CBC.  Where the LDP did score

According to Andre Lorimier a french canadian tv talked about us.

> was in Guylhem's conversations with many potential sponsors. I will
> let him elaborate later; the short version is we may have some new
> donations of hardware and perhaps even some help with our presentation
> materials.

I'm currently getting in touch with the sponsors.
We should have money and hardware donation, a good first step!

>     D> ...  We needed some large banners to put up at our booth even
>     D> though the expo had put our name in bold letters above our
>     D> booth (and we put up some sheets with the Linux penguin on it).
>     D> Also it would have been nice to have had some terminals

We should have got one from either Mandrake or Linux Quebec (Michel Dagenais) 
but they were too busy and couldn't lend us a computer.

If we attend to another expo, I will consider more than 1 replacement solution.

>     D> displaying our documentation so that people could sample it.
> I proposed we set up a barbeque; Guylhem had apparently threatened the
> previous day to start a bonfire ;)

And sing scout songs : they did find what vanished a few minutes later :-)

> We should also consider seeking sponsorship to produce a simple CD
> with all our current documentation.  Ideally, we would have a CD to
> give away where all the documents are available in HTML with a search
> engine CGI program so a local display could let the public enter the

Good idea!
I will talk of this with some "sponsors".

> For next time?  If possible, we should try to have a standalone mirror
> of our site somehow on a laptop, or at least make a handout that lists
> all our titles.  Another handout (one-page is best) of information for

I will bring my other laptop.

BTW we took many pictures ; they will hopefully be ready by next week.
You will see my funny "Quebec" shirt and Nike streetwear : I was quite 
disappointer by the snow and I had to buy some clothes there since mine weren't 
warm enough :-)

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