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Re: Report on LDP at Montreal

Further to this, the Ottawa Citizen website has a review of the
conference which claims that although 6000 attendees were expected,
they only had about 500, and very few of these were corporate
interests.  This is consistent with my own guess, although I think
there were well over 2000 exhibit visitors over the two days.  If
their 500 figure is correct, though, it means almost every attendee
walked away with an LDP handout.

This was also not the first expo in Montreal or the first expo in
Canada as some media report.  The Ottawa Linux Symposium has been
running for two years, and 8D Tech organized "Alternative Linux" last
November in Montreal and probably had at least as many visitors.
Still, there have not been many large commercial shows in Canada, and
most have been only "Linux Pavillions" such as last summer's show at
Toronto COMDEX.  The real test will be the Linux Expo next month
in Toronto, still part of the New Media 2000 show, but organized by
Linux Journal and set apart from the main conference instead of being
a sub-set embedded in another exhibit's floor.

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