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Re: Report on LDP at Montreal

On Fri, Apr 14, 2000 at 05:05:29PM -0400, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> We should also consider seeking sponsorship to produce a simple CD
> with all our current documentation. 

One problem is that the LDP docs that are being well maintained (and
thus are of the most interest) come out with new versions frequently
so that unfortunately the CD will rapidly become obsolete.  Another
problem is that it doesn't fit into the package management schemes of
the various distributions.  Many recipients would rather install a
rpm or Debian package.  That way when they get an updated versions it
will automatically delete the old from their HD.  If they install docs
from our CD they may wind up with 2 directory trees of LDP docs and
not be sure which one is the best to use.

Of course they could just keep it on the CD but then they may need to
keep manually inserting the CD in the drive if they use other CDs.
But since CDs cost so little it may be worthwhile to distribute them.
Some people may not have any other convenient way of getting LDP docs.
Perhaps we should sell them at the cost of making the CD.  Then people
who have better ways of getting the HOWTOs might not take the CD.

Regarding the snow, I phoned the hotel 800 number in advance of going
there and was over-prepared for it.  Although I wore sandals I took
along hiking boots which I never needed.  I even contemplated taking

-- David Lawyer

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