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new Qmail VMailMgr and Courier-Imap HOWTO

I wrote this HOWTO, and figured I might as well pass it on to you guys
for possible inclusion in the main HOWTO index.

This is my first HOWTO, and I will finish reading the HOTO-HOWTO
tomorrow. At this point I dont know how I would even update it if you
guys choose to include it in your lists.

I did all the sgml tagging by hand, so I hope its formatted well enough
for you guys

Dan Kuykendall
Title: Qmail VMailMgr and Courier-Imap HOWTO
Dan Kuykendall <dan@kuykendall.org> v1.2, 19 April 2000 This document is about building a mail server that will support virtual domain hosting and provide smtp, pop3 and imap services, using a powerful alternative to sendmail. Introduction