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<SUBTITLE>s in sorted_howto.gz


I have some requests for the text DB of LDP docs at:
which has a link at the page bottom of the

It has been prepared by the effort of Mr. Ferguson,
and we Japanese translators gratefully use it to
survey which docs need to be updated.  (The status
table is created with our own DB automatically.)

Firstly, we noticed recently that some entries had
<SUBTITLE>...</SUBTITLE> in its title field.
If "subtitle" is needed (I'm not confident it is),
I think it's preferable to define another field
and put it there.

# BTW the closing tag broke the line. It should
# be fixed, anyway.

Secondly, there are some 1900-00-00 entries in
the file.  We thank you if these are replaced with
their real ones.

// NAKANO, Takeo
// Appl. Phys., Engr. SEIKEI Univ.
// E-mail : nakano@apm.seikei.ac.jp
// http://surf.ap.seikei.ac.jp/~nakano/

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