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Re: CD edition

On Tue, Apr 25, 2000 at 07:40:07AM -0700, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> >   instead of beginning a CD edition from scratch,
> > why not just join the DemoLinux effort?
> >       http://www.demolinux.org/
> > DemoLinux is a demonstration CD to test Linux
> > without having to install it on disk.
> I think that we should be a part of the DemoLinux project, but I don't think
> that's necessarily the goal of the CD.  We're going to have at least 100MB,
> or almost 1/6 of a CD for our stuff, that might be a bit crowded.  

DemoLinux could use just the uncompressed HTML or text versions.  The HOWTOs
plus nag, sag and lpg would come to about 18mb, done that way.

> > How big is the LDP stuff? Note that we only need keep 
> > sensible formats:
> > say, sgml and html; others can be generated on-the-fly.

Oop, I should read all the way through before commenting.  Well, question
answered above - for html anyway.  The size of the sgml files is
significantly smaller, of course.

> Do you have a tool for that?  the GNOME-help-browser has some alpha code to
> translate their docs on the fly, but it's going to have some really strict
> rules.

Surely creative use of sgml-tools and shell scripts would work well?


If the universe were simple enough to be understood, we would be too
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