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Re: CD edition

On Apr 26,  8:49pm, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> Subject: Re: CD edition
> >>>>> "G" == Greg Ferguson <gferg@hoop.timonium.sgi.com> writes:
>     G> On Apr 25, 12:06pm, Francois-Rene Rideau wrote:
>     >> Subject: Re: CD edition How big is the LDP stuff? Note that we
>     >> only need keep sensible formats: say, sgml and html; others can
>     >> be generated on-the-fly.
>     G> The HTML, w/tar files, and all the rest of the web site
>     G> currently opccupies around 160meg. If we decide to add PDF
>     G> and/or PostScript, that will obviously inflate the number a
>     G> fair amount. Once we decide what should go on the CD, I can
>     G> figure out the amount of space required.
> We should do a dedicated CD which includes all translations (or are
> you including that in your estimate).  This would be of greatest
> use in the field.

That sounds fine to me as well. A dedicated CD gives us room to
grow and add all formats that we want. I think Stein Gjoen had
a fine idea to put together a few scripts, which prepare the
structure, generate some top-level README or index.html files,
and do the necessary packaging.

>     G> btw, SGI is planning on including the LDP (mirror of the web
>     G> site) on a special Linux-oriented release of the "Developer's
>     G> Toolbox" CD.
> Cool, so half the work of arranging our stuff is going to be done
> for us?  I love open source.

hehe...it's simply a mirror of the website (one area of the CD
will consist of the mirrored LDP site).


So how soon do we need/want this?


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