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Re: sgml-tools for windows

On mer, 26 avr 2000, Dan Kuykendall à écrit
>Please set the anti-windows issues aside. I much prefer Linux myself,
>and that is why I have written a couple HOWTO's. However, there are lots
>of times that I am unfortunately stuck on Windows, and would like to
>still work on some of my HOWTO's. Are there any tools to convert my LDP
>SGML files to other formats, when using windows?

Your question is very valuable, we are a number in that situation. I think
if you have enough room on your windows computer, emavs is a good
solution. If you don't care to learn emacs, lyx is a very good solution,
much ligther than emacs. It's difficult to have a complete lyx/latex/gv
installation, but if you wan just to jey in you documents (without
printing them) lyx alone is sufficient.

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