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Re: CD edition

jdd wrote:

> Frankly, on a demo cd, I don't see why we should use other than pure html
> version. A w3m compatible one, as they all must be.

I agree that the HTML should follow the standards but I do not agree
HTML should be the only format. Many have just one machine and when
installing Linux they might not be in a position to read the HOWTOs
or the guides, in which case a nicely printed postcript version would
be ideal.

> eventually we can add a handfull of txt/pdf/sgml ones, only as example
> purpose, but we can assume that anybody dealing with ldp can read html,
> isn't it?

Linux even runs on Palm Pilots and other low capacity platforms
where browsers will not fit. Plain ascii then is the solution.

> I don't really understand why the ldp bores itself with exotic formats
> anyway (sgml source and html should suffice), but If sombody like dealing
> with hudge pdf files, and ldp wants to provide it, why not, but as soon as
> this gives problems we should let this out and focus on writing HOWTO's.

Of course you can print out hardcopies with the browser but it
does look a lot nicer to render it via postscript. Secondly the
HTML versions are split in chapters, ps and pdf are page oriented.

I would hope we could do without the SGML for simple demo purposes
but there is a question about the access to source for the various
types of copyrights involved.

I agree the LDP should make it easy to create documents so I hope
we can recruit non-authors who can make the scripts for us.

   Stein Gjoen

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