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Re: CD edition

On jeu, 27 avr 2000, Stein Gjoen à écrit
>jdd wrote:
>> Frankly, on a demo cd, I don't see why we should use other than pure html
>> version. A w3m compatible one, as they all must be.
>I agree that the HTML should follow the standards but I do not agree
>HTML should be the only format.

please, read ahead: I said : "for a demo cd".  I think a demo must be
light to be copied again and again (not only on a dedicated cd, but on cd
distributed by news magazines, for example)

I'm surprised nobody notice that html given by linux doc is very readable
with plain ascii editor (much more than sgml)

 Secondly the
>HTML versions are split in chapters

this is the only real issue, but a cat * | lpr must print most of the
stuff. (it's what I do must of the time)

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