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Re: CD edition

On jeu, 27 avr 2000, Gary Lawrence Murphy à écrit

>This is problematic for schools and user groups who may wish to print
>out copies for use by students or members.  HTML is a pain to print,
>and produces really ugly printouts, which gives our org a bad name.

1- scripts exists; I have just done locate html2 on a console and got more
than a page of answers...
2- printing is extremly expensive. Do you only print in corporations? The
paper is cheap but inkjet ink is not; The HOWTO rarely deserve printing,
they are unvaluable at the moment but many of then are to fast out of date
to be printed. I have seen HOWTO books, a pity...

  By your argument, we should stick to ASCII since
>not everyone has a webbrowser.

one can, if necessary read html with ascii text reader (less is good!),
but i can assume whe work with internet and have a web browser, if not I
don't see what use you have of linux :-)

>We _need_ to have 
>        1) SGML sources so recipients can learn to participate
>        2) HTML so recipients can build mirror sites and browse
>           especially at trade shows and so that blind users
>           and other special needs can access the docs

with this I agree completely

>        3) PDF so recipients can print beautifully formated editions

It's not than I don't agree, but pdf is a restricted format and we should
not too rely on. Also it's a very demanding format, one can't read pdf
with low end text console!

May be I'm out of the subject (I'm not expert in latex stuff) but there is
a said "device independent" format (DVI). It's free. Is it enough portable
to be used?

>You cannot read a 200 page document on a CRT-based browser. 

I can'i afford to print a 200 page document on the now universal inkjet
printer. The cost is nearly $15 and 5 hours... howaver there are very few
200 pages HOWTO.

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