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Re: Feedback about PDF/PS sizes

On Apr 15,  8:39am, Dan Scott wrote:
> Subject: Re: Feedback about PDF/PS sizes
> Greg:
> To deviate slightly from Ross's original request, I would suggest
> using the "universal" size option for future PS/PDF creation.
> This produces a size that is neither too wide for A4 paper (8.27"),
> nor too long for letter (11"). I've had a bit of experience
> distributing PDF's for a commercial organization, and
> you get bitterness if you choose one or the other size. Once
> you drop down to dimensions that work for both letter and A4,
> everyone's happy (that is to say, no-one notices).
> I doubt that the slight increase in margin space that results from
> the universal size would put many people off.

All HOWTOs have been run thru a script which produces
PostScript and PDF using this new size requirement. You're
right, it is hardly noticeable, but hopefully will suffice.

            Letter    8.5x11in (216x279mm)
            A4        8.27x11.69in (210x297mm)
our size>>  Universal 8.27x11in (210x279mm)


On another note, the search has been "upgraded". For example,
this request has been implemented (link provided):

    It would be nice if, when I search for a word that is in the
    title of a FAQ or HOWTO, a link to that FAQ or HOWTO's contents
    page was the first thing in the results.


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