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Re: Questions about future

Long term, I think the LDP has to become *the* source of generic
documentation for Linux.  Maybe some specific to various distros too.

How about some white papers?  Companies love using them to introduce
concepts.  Why not the same about Linux and its advantages?  How about
WPs about new features that will be in future kernels?

One of the failings of Linux is that much of the documentation
is scattered across many sites.  How about a sourceforge-style setup where
anyone that writes docs can have a place to distribute and test their code?
There's been some grumbling of those who have slow machines and can't process
SGML.  There's those that have real trouble figuring SGML out.  Maybe
this will help.

I think convincing people that documentation is pretty much just as important
as code would also help.  I've seen many discussions where open source software
(the idea) is reduced to people who code.  Why not a PR campaign where we
show that open source requires more than just coders?  QA, graphic designers, and
of course documentation are all important in truly successful software.

The idea in the end is to make someone:
a) Think of Linux Documentation and LDP as the same
b) Make more people want to write documenation.
c) Make it easier to write documentation.

There's my ideas.  I never said they were good ideas.


Joshua Drake wrote:
> Hello,
> Simple question:
> If we had a pot of gold, what would we do with it?
> What I mean is that we have a  todo list which is great short term plan
> to get
> items taken care of. Especially if more people sign up for tasks (hint
> :)) but
> what about long term, growth of the LDP, structure of the LDP, etc...
> If anybody want to send some ideas along please do.
> Joshua Drake

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