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Re: Questions about future

We still need to:

* cleanup/provide a decent "authors" area.

     This includes the updated HOWTO(s) for authoring guidelines and
     the submittal process. More info on DocBook (Jorge's HOWTO,
     in released form). Links to tools/packages with instructions
     on usage (I think Mark is going to work on including this in
     the HOWTO HOWTO).

* get the CVS repository fully-functional.

* think about how best to provide readers a way to comment/provide
  feedback about specific documents; how to route this back to the

* continued process improvements in building docs.

* make sure we have SGML instances for all documents (mark-up
  assistance is needed!).

* provide a browse-by-category mechanism (ie Networks -> modems, etc).

* man pages...I've been asked to provide copies of man pages on
  the LDP (in HTML; and possibly available as PDF, combined into sections)
  form(s). This would  make man pages searchable, etc. I think it
  would be a valuable addition to the LDP.

Plenty to do.

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