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Re: Questions about future

i have a couple of pet projects that i think would help out the LDP and
the people and companies that use it.

first i'd put someone on adding decent metadata (my mantra by now) on all
the entries in the LDP. of course i'd like it based on the OMF (open
source metadata framework) developed here and with Kendall ;->
this would let folks search on more than just content and also allow other
ways of looking for appropriate documents. it would also allow smaller
sites to have local searches on copies of the metadata then to retrieve
the document from a nearby mirror or from www.linuxdoc.org
so usability enhancement via metadata with an eye on wide distribution and
local independent uses.

next i'd look at streamlining the tools for contributors. collab has
offered some help here, but we need to make a clearer path for
contributors. we've come a long way with CVS, standards etc, but a
cohesive part--www based as appropriate--would make it much much
easier. tigris.org might be one answer.

third, i'd get a more flexible search engine that could take more
advantage of the docbook markup. we are not suffering but we could be
better. could be comissioned thru sourcexchange (or the like) then set
free if we had a pot of gold and couldn't find one in existance.

                             Paul Jones
   "We must protect our precious bodily fluids!" General Jack D Ripper
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