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Re: political action?


I think you are missing the point here, what I "think" the guy is trying
to say is that he would like to write a HOWTO that will help people,
specifically Technical/OpenSource people understand the basics of how to
be effective with political advocacy.

Although - I do not really think that the LDP is the place for such a
document, I could not suggest a better place, so why not?

Joshua Draek

Gary Preckshot wrote:

>> What do you think?
> I think you have a serious case of tunnel vision.
> Linux is an enabler. It enables all sorts of people to use computers
> for whatever they want, be it political action or pornography. What
> the LDP is for is for documenting hardware and software issues so that
> people can solve their own problems by themselves. As I suggest you
> do. Meanwhile, we'll just concentrate on doing the best technical job
> we can, which is at the heart of Linux and FSF. It's probably a
> foreign concept to you.
> The reason Linux is going to take over the world is that it has one
> raison d'etre, and one only: be the best we can be. Bill Gates lost
> sight of that, and it'll be his downfall.
> I applaud your desire to change the world, but Linux has been doing it
> quietly and apolitically for years. Somehow I like correct better than
> politically correct any day.
> Gary

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