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Re: Something I would like to see

Joshua Drake wrote:
> O.k. -- let me state something here. I am not suggesting we "CHANGE" anything. I
> am suggesting we add a feature.
> J

I hope I didn't come across as overly critical or harsh.  No harm in
making suggestions.  I just wanted to point out the several problems
that would need to be addressed before beginning to accept
less-than-ideal formats.

Perhaps someone can write a script that will convert Word Perfect
(and/or Word|Star|Etc) generated SGML or RTF to something more
standard.  The results of that conversion could then be combed by an
editor (I'll volunteer for some of that job in a few weeks when I have
the time) to make it work right for the LDP.

It just seems to me that a project as large as the LDP (imagine how big
it will be in two years time) needs to have standards.  Open, easy to
understand, hard to avoid, good enough that most folks can agree on,
flexible enough to handle all reasonable cases, standards.  If someone
wants to WRITE outside of those standards and then convert it, so be
it.  If it's something REALLY good, I'll even help do the touch up on
the conversion.
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