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Re: Removal of Documents [Re: Something I would like to see]

Joshua Drake wrote:
> --- PREFACE---
> I am not trying to start a war here. I am just trying to see what people think about
> things that I have been asks by other people.
> ---END---
> Hello,
> O.k. now that we have been through that - I have another question, we have 3 large
> documents that are in no way written in SGML.
> Get Acquainted with Linux Security and Optimization System
>     Which is written in Microsoft Word and the produced to PDF
> Linux Administrator's Security Guide
>     Which is written in HTML
> What should we do with these? These are prefectly good documents but not within our
> standard guidelines.
> J

Good question.  So far, the "guides can be anything you want...but don't
expect us to
it" policy seems to be working ok.  The books are carefully separated
out and people know they've only got those formats to choose from.  And
really, having HTML is all one needs most of the time.

Maybe a conversion effort?  Wouldn't it be possible to convince these
authors to LOOK at what the conversion looks like after it's finished
and then make all future changes using the same format?  I mean, really,
if you see a good solid example of SGML in action and you are working in
an already feature complete template, if you have any sense at all you
can figure out what needs to be done.

If at that point the old author doesn't want to continue in SGML then
maybe, as was suggested in an earlier response, they could be teamed
with an editor buddy who will do the SGML-izing.  The author could
produce pure text and a html/pdf/ps of what it 'ought' to look like and
send it to the editor.  Then the editor could make it right.

Just some thoughts.
                    Joe Cooper <joe@swelltech.com>
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