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Re: Questions about future

Joshua Drake wrote:
> Hello,
> Simple question:
> If we had a pot of gold, what would we do with it?

Set up a Linux machine so authors could log in and compile
their documentation there, always sure the software is the
very latest release.

> What I mean is that we have a  todo list which is great short term plan
> to get
> items taken care of. Especially if more people sign up for tasks (hint
> :)) but
> what about long term, growth of the LDP, structure of the LDP, etc...

Hoping you lot have not grown tired of my ideas yet...

the LDP primary purpose would remain to create documents but to do so
we cannot live in a vacuum. We need to recruit people to

 - help maintain and improve the documentation tools
 - add metadata, indexing keywords etc to offload the authors
 - create tools for making documentation packages
 - review existing documents
 - check the net for outdated document archives
 - collect auxiliary documentation (RFCs, FAQs, other free docs etc.)

Too many places still display too old versions and the only way I can
see out of this problem is that we take up this task so the packages
are just a click away for the distribution makers.

This activity should be conducted over a technical (as opposed to
an authoring) mailing list, say ldp-tech@www.linuxdoc.org to help
further offload traffic from authors.

Not everyone wishes to write documents and not all authors whishes
to spend time on the tools. Recruiting more people would solve these

   Stein Gjoen

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