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Re: Questions about future

On May 1, 10:20pm, David Lawyer wrote:
> Subject: Re: Questions about future
> On Mon, May 01, 2000 at 09:48:53PM -0400, Paul Jones wrote:
> > i have a couple of pet projects that i think would help out the LDP
> > the people and companies that use it.
> >
> > first i'd put someone on adding decent metadata (my mantra by now) on
> > the entries in the LDP. of course i'd like it based on the OMF (open
> > source metadata framework) developed here and with Kendall ;->
> > http://metalab.unc.edu/osrt/omf/
> > this would let folks search on more than just content and also allow
> > ways of looking for appropriate documents. it would also allow smaller
> > sites to have local searches on copies of the metadata then to
> > the document from a nearby mirror or from www.linuxdoc.org
> > so usability enhancement via metadata with an eye on wide distribution
> > local independent uses.
> I don't want to burden LDP authors (or even worse, non-authors) with
> creating metadata files.  I think that if we need such files, they
> could be automatically extracted from the source by copying the
> abstract, date, author, etc.  Also, I routinely search all of the text
> of all of the HOWTOs using grep on a 486 and it goes fairly fast.  I'm
> busy reading early hits while waiting for it to finish.  Searching all
> the text is more through than searching metadata, but searching just
> the metadata would obviously be faster.
> But I vote for metadata provided it can be extracted with a script
> from existing documents.

...and I did this, and submitted over 140+ metadata entries, but
to my knowledge, nothing ever came out of it. So I stopped sending
entries and updates.

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