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Re: todo (was: RE: Questions about future)

Mark Komarinski wrote:

> I've been using UNIX for 10 years now and the only command I know in Emacs is
> how to get out.  Or was it help.  I forget.  The more tools we can provide

When I first ran emacs it took me **3 days** to get out!
No I'm not stupid, and I do know how to kill processes, but it
was a matter of principle. 3 days!!!
Yes emacs is powerful, sophisticated but C-X C-c, gimme a break :-)
Every year I do try to learn another emacs key stroke.
I think I might have the hang of it by 2040, I reckon I could
get a diploma in neurosurgery before I find emacs easy.
Anyhow I've got to use it for psgml so here I go again...
Ok before I get flamed count to 10 and smile :)


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