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RE: Something I would like to see

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> From: David Lawyer []
> Sent: Monday, May 01, 2000 11:39 PM
> To: Joshua Drake
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> Subject: Re: Something I would like to see
> I agree that it would be OK to accept other formats as a temporary
> measure until the doc can be converted to sgml.  But not Word Perfect.

I'll have to go with David here, but only if we can set up some structure,
and get some more/better references.  (I know you guys are working on it,
don't take it personally, the docs just aren't there yet).  As for
structure, I'm talking about someplace where new authors should and can feel
free to go and ask questions, like how should I mark this up, and why did
the person who helped out my making the first DocBook version of my HOWTO do
this?  It should also be a place to ask "why can't I get editor X to do
pretty printing with my SGML document?" or "What's an editor that has a few
more features than PICO for doing SGML editing?"  As for the format that we
allow as our alternative format, why accept anything other than HTML?  It's
a subset of SGML (that's why GOOD HTML editors put the DTD at the top), and
if they can learn HTML, than they can learn DocBook probably from that same
document marked up, in maybe an hour or two.  


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