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Re: Something I would like to see

> New people learning Linux right this very moment 1. Probably won't ever
> learn how to use emacs or vi, 2. Probably won't ever want to learn how to
> use emacs or vi.

FWIW, my progression with *nix text editors was Joe->Pico->Vi.  I'm sure I'm
not the only person who made the transition from Micros~1 to Linux and just
fell in love with the truly different, original and effective ways of *nix.
A simple guide to Vi would make an excellent addition to the LDP.

> Then we need a real, easy to use GUI editor for SGML-DocBook, and until
> that happens, the LDP will grow at a stunted rate.  Better documentation
> is a bandaid fix for a tidal wave problem.

There is one, how many times do people have to shout LYX.  I don't see any
signs of stunted growth in the LDP either.
> I refuse to learn how to use emacs and vi, I have no need for them and am
> not going to do it just to write a HOWTO. The editors, while powerful, are
> seriously out of date with current user interface practices.

Speak for yourself.  I'm a touch typist and my interface practice has become
much more efficient since I started using tools that make effective use of
the QWERTY keyboard.  Vi, Mutt, Tin etc...


Unix and C are the ultimate computer viruses.
                -- Richard P. Gabriel

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