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Re: if SGML is so great...

I don't give a care whether or not you LIKE sgml, I've given
reasons why I
think it's important for the LDP.
I think it's quite reasonable that LDP uses SGML internally and for document storage.
These arent' reasons that you
write in SGML, but reasons that the LDP should use SGML.
You can write documents in any
format you
want, but if you want them to be a part of our "core" collection,
then they
have to be in a useful format to use, namely, SGML.
No, I think you've got it backwards. If YOU want new authors to write for the LDP core document collection then YOU (meaning LDP) need to implement converters from popular formats to SGML. Otherwise, stop whining about getting new authors. If you're not going to be hospitable, you reduce the population from which you can choose.
If you supply
us with
an HTML doc, we'll say here's a new HTML doc, it's going in with
the rest of
our HTML docs.
Fine. For what I want to do, that's quite sufficient. For most HOWTOs, if you have to search them, they're too long or too verbose. There isn't much to most HOWTO subjects, and they're mostly very diffuse as to information content. I say that as a reader of HOWTOs, and IEEE reviewer, and an experienced technical author. You can look me up in INSPEC or various technical databases. I'm George G. Preckshot.