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Re: if SGML is so great...

I just love mailing lists.  Who cares what the topic is.  You can get
the same vitality of discourse for a fraction the beer cost of going
to a local pub.  I just love it.

I also love this 'grook', a short poem by the mathematician Piet Hein

        "When designing by committee
         Here's a useful rule of thumb:
         Talents make a difference
         And follies make a sum."

We know we can _only_ make _maximum_ use if a doc is in DocBook.

We therefore pledge to support docbook-novices to learn it.

We will publically say "Submit your DocBook sources to ..."

If anyone responds with "I have SGML-dyslexia and cannot DocBook" we
will say, quietly (privately) "ok, for you, we make an exception" we
thank them, accept their paper and we toss their handiwork into the
old-system heap of papers to be managed by the old-method as time and
resources permit.

I will bet a pint of Guiness if we state a requirement for
SGML/DocBook, less than 5% of new contributors will complain over the
first year, and in two years, no one will think twice about it.

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