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Re: A pint of Guiness

>> I will bet a pint of Guiness if we state a requirement for
>> SGML/DocBook, less than 5% of new contributors will complain over
>> the
>> first year, and in two years, no one will think twice about it.
First off, you can't just have 1 pint of Guiness that is sacrilage. It
is at least 2 and less than 4 if you have to work the next day before
10:00 AM. On a weekend after payday it is a minimum of a 6 pack + 3.

> This is serious. A pint of Guiness makes this more than a theoretical
> discussion. The problem with your proposed bet is that the people who
> get turned off won't complain, they'll just go away.

I don't know about that, we could post that it is a bet and that Guiness
is at stake :)

> You won't find out anything unless you have two avenues for
> contributors and don't bias either of them by making one or the other
> purposely harder or less attractive. Then you'll be able to tell by
> the way people choose. They'll vote with their feet.
> Gary

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