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Re: A pint of Guiness

>>>>> "J" == Joshua Drake <poet@linuxports.com> writes:

    J> First off, you can't just have 1 pint of Guiness that is
    J> sacrilage. It is at least 2 and less than 4 if you have to work
    J> the next day before 10:00 AM. On a weekend after payday it is a
    J> minimum of a 6 pack + 3.

What????  Guiness in a bottle is not a Guiness, its a marketing ploy.

Or do you mean 6 kegs?  I'll stand by me Imperial Pint, thank you.

BTW, did you know that thousands of pints of Guiness are wasted each
year by being trapped in moustaches?  It's true.  Guiness commissioned
the study and the results came in late last year.  

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