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DocBook or sgmltool problems

On 5/3/00, 2:36:59 AM, Warren Chartier <icebalm@bigfoot.com> wrote 
regarding Re: Verbatim in DocBook?:
> On Wed, 3 May 2000, Bruce Richardson wrote:

> > On Wed, May 03, 2000 at 02:17:16AM +0100, Bruce Richardson wrote:
> > > Does DocBook have an equivalent to the <verb> tag in Linuxdoc?  I'm 
> > > to convert a guide I was writing in LinuxDoc to DocBook but it has a
> > > directory tree done in ascii and it just comes out a mess in DocBook.
> >
> > Forget it.  <programlisting> does fine - it's a problem Lyx is causing 
> > Lyx seems to be noticeably worse at DocBook than it is at LinuxDoc.

> Yet you say its a full featured usable GUI SGML-DocBook editor?  What 
> is it if you have to go in and change the resulting SGML by hand to 
get it
> to work?

Having investigated, Lyx turns out not to be at fault.  Here are some 
problems I have had with DocBook and sgmltools:

&ldquo and &lsqb: when sgmltools renders the sgml to text, rtf or ps 
these work properly but in html output they appear in full instead of 
" and [.

&tilde:  Is this valid in DocBook?  It comes out wrong in all the 

If I'm not doing something wrong (most likely) then is it a DocBook or 
sgmltools error?



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