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Re: DocBook or sgmltool problems

On May 3,  5:52pm, Bruce Richardson wrote:
> Subject: DocBook or sgmltool problems
> Having investigated, Lyx turns out not to be at fault.  Here are some
> problems I have had with DocBook and sgmltools:
> &ldquo and &lsqb: when sgmltools renders the sgml to text, rtf or ps
> these work properly but in html output they appear in full instead of
> " and [.
> &tilde:  Is this valid in DocBook?  It comes out wrong in all the
> formats.
> If I'm not doing something wrong (most likely) then is it a DocBook or
> sgmltools error?

I ran into this as well. There is a DSSSL setting that needs
to be changed to get the behavior you want (at least this
resolved the issue for me) :

(declare-characteristic preserve-sdata?
  "UNREGISTERED::James Clark//Characteristic::preserve-sdata?"

In the default (flag set to "t"), the entity declaration is
kept as sdata; meaning that (hopefully!) the browser/client,
for example, knows what to do with the entity when it sees it.
Changing the flag causes the tools to expand/change the entity
into some character(s) at build time.

Flag is found in  <dsssl_location>/docbook/html/dockbook.dsl


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