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Re: SGML tools aren't so great

> implication that writing and maintaining documentation really isn't
> much effort.  This seems to be an assumption underlying a lot of
> this debate, and I just don't get it.

Flame prevention disclaimer: "Keep in mind I'm not against anything or anybody
here... I've e-mailed, chatted and newsgrouped with some very good people online
in all three of the categories below.

Since I've joined the linux bandwagon in August of 1999, and looked around a
bit, I seen several kinds of linux enthusiasts.

I think the crux of the matter is that there are a lot of folks out therewith up
to 4 years of experience with Unix/Linux.  That 4 years of experience may be the
assumption the rest of us don't necessarily share.


P.S. I'm just glad we've moved on beyond LaTex, although I'd bet that for some
people's purposes, LaTex is still just great.

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