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Re: political action?

On Mon, 1 May 2000, Gary Preckshot wrote:

> > What do you think?
> >
> I think you have a serious case of tunnel vision.

And you're looking at him through a scope based on your reply :).

> Linux is an enabler. It enables all sorts of people to use
> computers for whatever they want, be it political action or
> pornography. What the LDP is for is for documenting hardware

Aren't those two the same at the US-national level[1]? ;-)

> and software issues so that people can solve their own
> problems by themselves. As I suggest you do. Meanwhile,
> we'll just concentrate on doing the best technical job we
> can, which is at the heart of Linux and FSF. It's probably a
> foreign concept to you.

Why can't a political HOWTO be technical? I'd love to see info on
obtaining business licenses making sure you're doing everything legal
added to the consultants HOWTO. The same type of info could be in a
political HOWTO. Links to FSF and similar orgs would be handy. As would be
sites that are dedicated to law and technology.

BTW, FSF is political. It's taken a stand on UCITA,

He doesn't have to be supporting any particular political action (which is
what I suggested in email directly to him :).

> The reason Linux is going to take over the world is that it
> has one raison d'etre, and one only: be the best we can be.

And if UCITA makes it backwardly legal to sue people and jail them due to
Open Software they've written?

> Bill Gates lost sight of that, and it'll be his downfall.
> I applaud your desire to change the world, but Linux has
> been doing it quietly and apolitically for years. Somehow I
> like correct better than politically correct any day.

And that's what the HOWTO would have to make sure it does. It needs to
deal with the technical details of political action, not agendas for the
political action.


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