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Re: political action?

While such a document may be interesting and useful, I'd discourage
the author from associating it with any org as a first stel, if for no
other reason than for their own piece of mind.  

If it is too liberal for the FSF or too strict for the OSI, they're
inviting friction by presenting it here --- this is not to say it
won't be a good article, but experience shows it will need to be a
very superior and sensitive piece of sparkling journalism, otherwise
it will spark endless debate and never get through the first

It's an important topic, but probably better put into a few eZine
articles first so the author can gain some feedback and skills in
diplomacy, then work that into a killer doc on the subject.  If it
survives SlashDot, then maybe it's worth keeping.

Politics and religion: It should _not_ be our policy to reject such
papers on principle if they relate to important Linux concepts, but
the authors should realize they are inviting a flame war.  It's in
everyone's interest for them to first hone their arguments very
carefully before they pump them into CDs all over the world.

Last year we tried to commission a chapter on Open Source licenses,
and by the time we were through, it was a book project with a lawyer
and a developer collaborating on the content.

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