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Re: if SGML is so great...

>>>>> "K" == Kevin Turner <Kevin.Turner@oberlin.edu> writes:

    K> And seriously, someone who writes plain-text doing in-place
    K> edits on a docbook file is probably going to do very little
    K> damage.  Unlike putting VB code in the kernel, it'll probably
    K> still compile, and even be readable at that.

This is quite acceptable, providing they will do it, and even if it
won't compile afterward, it's not unlike when I give JSP code to HTML
designers and they inadvertently delete a %> end tag.

That's one big advantage to DocBook as a lingua franca of documentation.

I have no problem with someone sending in the initial edition in any
format whatsoever (although we should _ask_ for DocBook) providing they
know that future updates, if not done to the DB source taken out of our
CVS, will be a lot of trouble.  If people are willing to take on that
trouble, there is no problem, so long as the CVS DocBook sources are
the canonical revision and future updates do not undo any element
attributes added to the text.

    >> Is that Deb who is fleeing the country?

    K> Indeed.  Well, from my point of view, anyway.  To you, she's an
    K> immigrant.  ;)

I guess she didn't feel taxed enough ;) If you see her on one of these
lists, tell her to buy her appliances as soon as possible as we're
about to have another 20% import tax slapped on those.

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