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syntax highlighting (was Re: todo)

On Tue, May 02, 2000 at 07:46:42AM -0700, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> I'm quite sure that we could find a VIM wizzard who can do the syntax
> highlighting stuff in VIM (I've heard rumors that it does that nicely, never
> figured out how to quit VIM yet).  

To quit: type :x (or :q! to force a quit without saving).

> Those seem to be the two big "unix editors".  I'd like a windowing based
> alternative, because I don't know how to cut and paste with emacs yet (and I
> use it for all of my SGML work).  

Well, I use vim and don't use the syntax highlighting.  I just found
out from on-line help in vim that I only needed to type ":syntax on"
and all the LinuxDoc tags get highlighted.  Further checking revealed
that vim highlighting knows about both DocBook and LinuxDoc and has
highlighting configuration files for each.  You don't need to tell vim
that you are using say LinuxDoc since it automatically detects it.
Thus one hardly needs to be a VIM wizzard to use it since it happens
automatically as soon as you turn syntax on (or put ":syntax on" in a
vim configuration file).

But now that I've discovered it, I'm not sure that I'll use it.  The
content is not in the tags and I don't want them highlighted.  One
thing that helps in editing is having two terminals at my "desk"
(actually a picnic table under a tree amid ferns outside).  One
terminal displays info (from email or the internet, etc.) that I am
incorporating into the HOWTO on the other terminal.  Or sometimes
both terminals are diplaying the same HOWTO, but different parts of
it.  One may be displaying the TOC to facilitate navigation within a

                David Lawyer

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