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Linux International General Developer's Fund: Request


I talked with these people at a recent show, and suggested they write you.
Instead they wrote back to me, but what the hey.....

I think that the Linux Documentation Project would be a worthy cause,
particularly in the case of the hardware needs.

Instead of compensating writers, I would rather fiance a portion of their
travel expenses to some technical conference, so they could meet the
developers and users directly, and so they could (perhaps) give some
talks.  Just "compensating" people may require LI to fill out forms for the
IRS (I will have to look at the issue of such a low amount as $100. each),
but re-imbursing for travel expenses is definitely in the realm of LIGDF.
While some developers may not have the time or inclination to give talks,
perhaps the documentation people would.

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I am wondering if LI could give money to the LDP?

We need hardware, network connection (our main site is in NC, our CVS in Poland
a FTP in western europe would help) and we would like to compensate
some authors for their work.

We do not want to pay authors, rather give them a low compensation (about $100?)
for the time they spent writing free documentation.

We are also considering having more dedicaed servers ; any hardware gift
is welcome.

The LDP is IRS 501 C 3, non profit, and has been writing free documentation for

(please Cc any reply to ldp-discuss@lists.linuxdoc.org)

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