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Re: Linux International General Developer's Fund: Request

At 15:26 08/05/00 -0400, Jon 'maddog' Hall, Executive Director, Linux International wrote:
>I talked with these people at a recent show, and suggested they write you.
>Instead they wrote back to me, but what the hey.....

Sorry I lost your business card ; just found it yesterday in my Psion.

>travel expenses to some technical conference, so they could meet the
>developers and users directly, and so they could (perhaps) give some
>talks.  Just "compensating" people may require LI to fill out forms for

We currently do not attend if we have no sponsor ; for example we came to Montreal Linux Expo thanks to SkyEvents and Mandrake.

I couldn't find any sponsor for LinuxCanada Toronto in two weeks so I will not attend, only one of our members living in Ontario can come.

>  the IRS (I will have to look at the issue of such a low amount as $100. each), but re-imbursing for travel expenses is definitely in the realm of LIGDF.

IMHO, we shouldn't spend LDP money for conferences, but if LIGDF can, it would be very welcome.

>While some developers may not have the time or inclination to give talks, perhaps the documentation people would.

We try to do our best but we aren't free 365 days per year; we also have our real lifes :-)

Attending and giving talks requires carefull preparation, travelling abroad requires visa and administrative stuff, etc.

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