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Re: DocBook Walkthrough?

Hello All,

Le ven, 12 mai 2000, Warren Chartier a écrit :
> Could someone please outline steps needed to get/install the version of
> sgmltools/docbook dtd that seems to be required for submitting HOWTOs to
> the LDP?  The HOWTO-HOWTO does an amazing job of doing this for LinuxDoc,
> however there seems to be alot of ambiguity about DocBook (what version of
> sgmltools to get, what version of the DTD to get, etc).

There is a DSSSL stylesheet called ld2.db.dsl which is included in the
sgmltools-lite package ( http://sgmltools-lite.sourceforge.net ).
This Stylesheet is intended to help migration from LinuxDoc to DocBook.

At my skill level, there are 2 problems to solve to get the migration stuff
working :

1./ EASY TO FIX : ld2db.dsl is not up to date. The DTD declaration does not
conform to the actual DocBook so you have to change all :

public-id: "-//Davenport//DTD DocBook V3.0//EN"
public-id: "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V4.0beta6//EN"
 for the latest Beta for instance
There are some other tags that have to be changed also : ArtHeader to
ArticleInfo etc.

2./ NOT EASY TO FIX : Docbook + sgmltools packages CATALOGs
I no nothing about Python, and I don't undersatnd the way the sgmltools-lite
collect CATALOG information. I finally had to invoke jade at the command line :

jade -t sgml -d '/usr/share/sgml/stylesheets/sgmltools/ld2db.dsl#db' \
        linuxdoc.sgml > docbook.sgml

This works fine.

I think if we had some guide to merge the CATALOGs, it would be really helpfull
for many people trying to step from LinuxDoc to DocBook.

Best Regards

- Philippe
[( Linux RNIS/ISDN Howto : http://www.linux-france.org/article/connex/ISDN
[( E-mail : philippe.latu@linux-france.org

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