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Re: DocBook Walkthrough?

On May 12,  2:46am, Warren Chartier wrote:
> Subject: DocBook Walkthrough?
> Could someone please outline steps needed to get/install the version of
> sgmltools/docbook dtd that seems to be required for submitting HOWTOs to
> the LDP?  The HOWTO-HOWTO does an amazing job of doing this for
> however there seems to be alot of ambiguity about DocBook (what version
> of sgmltools to get, what version of the DTD to get, etc).

The updated version of the HOWTO-HOWTO outlines this now. See
"The tools" :


Use DocBook 3.1 (DTD). That is the stable, current, released version.
Do *NOT* go with the 4.0 rev, it's still in beta!

If you have questions on the tools, email.


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