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Re: DocBook Walkthrough?

Gerard Beekmans <gerard@linuxfromscratch.org> writes:

> > Another advise is to use ID=... in the tags with a logical name and just
> > that to create filenames. It makes for more recognizable URL's.
> Sorry hugo for that personal  email...it was meant to go to this list.
> The id attributes don't work for me for creating custom html filenames
> (I'm not using sgmltools). Instead I'm doing it the following way:
> <book><?dbhtml filename="index.html">
> <chapter><?dbhtml filename="chapter1.html">
> etc
> </chapter>
> </book>

I think we should use both. If we're using --- sometime later --- a
tool other than Jade or OpenJade it will recognize this option from
the stylesheet specification. 

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