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My cdrom wont eject in X, but will eject from a command prompt

i have an HP Omnibook 4100, PII-266, 96megs, 6.4 gig hd, which let Linux
install on it beautifully, but when i am in X, i can insert a cdrom, i
can read it, but when i try to eject it, it will not eject. But if i
close x and go to a command prompt, i can eject it, etc. but i cant read
any files off of it. You have any suggestions? in x i can read files off
of it fine, but if i eject it and put another one in, its like the
cd-rom is dead. until i go to a command prompt, then it will let me
eject it. but if i put a new one in, it wont let me read it. any help
guys and gals??


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