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Re: DocBook Walkthrough?

Three things below:

I.   I would love to see a docBook Walkthrough
II.  Questions regarding the overall direction of the Linux
Project itself.  the tools vs documentation in general.
III.  appreciation for what this project is producing, I learn from and
use the
results here regularly.

I.  First of all the Doc book walk through: Can we do this live on the
with someone who is familiar with and uses DocBook to produce
documentation for
LDP?   When And Where?  Tell me and I'll show up.  Point me to a
document and
I'll read it start to finish.

II.  Second,  There seems to be a lot of resistance and FUD on the list
DocBook and SGML.    I wonder if the documentation project could benefit
more active discussion of "What is it we're trying to do exactly?"
rather than
"What tools are we using (today, yesterday and tomorrow) and how do they
or "Which tool is best for what"

Read through the following and see if you agree or disagree with any of

Warren Chartier wrote:

> On Sat, 13 May 2000, jdd wrote:
> > may I quote that the content of this thread shows as an evidence why
I did
> > NOT switch to docbook. A question asking for a syntesis document
> > more and more cryptics answers.
> >
> > I could use linucdoc in a day or so. If I must learn that sort of
> > to run docbook, I will not do that now!
> I had LinuxDoc up and running in hours, I've read the revised
> followed instructions (where there were instructions, a lot of parts
> the HOWTO-HOWTO just say "refer to here for instructions", and there
> is any) and still don't have a working DocBook installation.

Is there information available in this project on "documentation"
reference to "specific tools"?  Have any of the members of this project
experience in data modeling and requirements gathering?  There are many
ways to
use documentation.  Has this been analysed and discussed publicly, or
are we
operating today with a limited model of documentation  based on what a
few of us
can see in the rear view mirror.  Has this research and analyis work
been done?  If so where are its results?

III.  Finally, I appreciate the ongoing work of this project and the
hard work
that its members and participants have done to improve the
Lately, I've seen several excellent new documents appear here, and the
effort to get the Howtos converted to more formal document structures
provide them in a variety of formats has quite literally cleaned the
stables and
generated renewed interest in developing and maintaining them.  Thank
you to all
who worked on this.


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