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Re: experimental release of linuxdoc-tools (based on sgml-tools 1 .0.9)

GLeblanc@cu-portland.edu said:
> It's probably true that creating a DSSSL stylesheet for Linuxdoc
> wouldn't be all that complex, but I'm still a little troubled by the
> lack of a good text backend.  I haven't seen any mass-migration of the
> LDP authors to DocBook yet, so I haven't really pushed to get
> something better than Lynx.  

Does the term "chicken-and-egg problem" ring a bell? 

There's a better backend-processing candidate for the text stuff (html2text, 
IIRC), and it's even on the SourceForge SGMLtools-Lite project page as a bug 
report that this must be implemented. I think that grabbing this bug would be 
a more useful passtime than writing new stuff for Linuxdoc.

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