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Re: DocBook Walkthrough?

On mer, 17 mai 2000, pac1@tiac.net à écrit

>I think it can be   Plan the experiences, Plan what kind of information to
>gather, and where possible, plan on specific pieces of information to gather.
>Plan how the information about an experience is to be organized and used.   Do
>we know how to do this today?  No, I don't think we do.  Should we learn how to
>do this?  Would it result in better HOWTO's?

this is how things should be done if plenty of free time where available.
In fact, most of the time, I make the things as they come and write down
an abstract to be able to do this again. When the abstract grows, I write
a doc and, why not ? publish it on my site.

> I think today, we're at the level of creating "Documents" that can be presented
>in a variety of presentation formats", but the content of the various formats is
>fixed.  Is this correct?

I would say that the content of the document is fixed, but the visual
aspect changes from one format to an other

>Since we are beginning to separate content from presentation format in a very
>formalized way,  I think the capability of customizing not just the format but
>the content is already feasable.

I think this is very interesting, but very different from the present
things. make the content vary needs the various contents to be prepared by
the author, so he needs to know about the real format used. If so any
conditional could do the job. It's partly the case when one must keep jpg
and eps variant of images. It's the case in HTML when somebody use an ALT
text under an image for text browsers.

This is VERY HARD to maintain and keep up to date

, but  m different
>documents in each of the n different output formats, all from ONE source.

it's the case with C source when compiled for different platforms

>There are  13 kinds of tasks I've found so far.

see the table of content of most Linux books or manuals... the actual
number is a matter of choice of the author.

>There are 6 levels of expertise related to things a Linux person may try to do.
>1. Unaware of availability or alternatives
>2. Initiate - Has made a choice but lacks knowlege of how to proceed to
>implement t

this also is a matter of choice.

>This is my central Point:
>What I'd like to see, is a central data store for the Total Available
>Documentation that can be used to produce the "appropriate" content for the
>different levels of expertise and perhaps also for  different tasks.   The
>CONTENT would vary, not just the presentation format.

in fact this is already implemented in many applications, when one can
choose the menu contents in function of his skill.

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