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Re: DocBook Walkthrough?

"der.hans" wrote:

> > There are  13 kinds of tasks I've found so far.
> <snip>4. Hardware administration

> > 5. User Administration and Security
> I see these as two different topics. Another topic of the same vein that
> isn't covered is system administration. I'm glad you partitioned hardware
> administration off as it's own major topic :).
> <snip>
> While user and system administration can be combined they can
> also be very distinct. User admin is more for workstation (e.g. desktop)
> support and shell accounts. I set system administration as being more
> backend stuff, e.g. server and networking administration.
> <snip>
> Security, however, is definitely its own topic

How about
4. System Administration - Hardware
5. System Administration - Servers and Network
6. System Adminsitration - User
7. System Administration - Security

Items 6-13 renumbered  8- 15

> Good work with the classifications. I actually think this type of thing
> might greatly help us with organization of materials and with writing for
> the correct audiences.

I'm hoping that it will.  Much of the discussion in this thread seems to be related
to tools for producing documentation.  I think that too much focus on the tools and
the resulting document structure can  lead one to produce documentation that is
difficult for the un-initiated to use.

> > There are 6 levels of expertise related to things a Linux person may try to do.
> Have you looked at any of the certification projects?

Not with documentation in mind, but the parts of the tracks are similar arent they.

What I had in mind with these levels is that each of us has many competencies, each
with its own level of expertise.  Any given person may be an "expert in stucco", and
at the same time know  nothing at all about being an "outlaw in Peru"*  If one were
to keep track, the results would paint a finer grained picture of an individual than
a certification.  The classifications would be meant for an individual to classify
themselves by estimation rather than for someone else to certify them.  A user could
use the classification to focus their initial "view" of documentation appropriate to
their current  level of expertise on a topic by topic.

There's an open source project lurking in here somewhere.  Interested parties should
contact me.


* for the source of these quotes see
http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/maddog/stuff/essay.html or search the we for either
phrase in quotes.

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