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Re: geekness

John wrote:

>Does WordPerfect for Windows have the ability to import SGML documents from
the LDP? Or just the ability to export as SGML?

It's pretty trivial. I imported Mark's HOWTO under DocBook 3.0, installed DocBook
3.1, transferred the HOWTO over to 3.1 (he wasn't using much of it) and now I've
got it working under 3.1 using jade and the 3.1 DSSSL. It works fine and I've
been able to do graphics with it. In fact, it's obvious you guys are not using
the features of DocBook, being embroiled with guttsing it out doing SGML
manually. I can't think of a larger waste of time.

I have WordPerfect 9 as part of the Corel Office 2000 suite on my Linux
machine, but my NT machine has just WordPerfect 8 as I seldom use
WordPerfect there. Might be worth getting if it can import the SGML docs.
If it does a good job, it might be an intermediary for publishing to paper
with other tools.

SGML is just text. There isn't any big deal about cross platform support. The big
problem is learning how to use a DTD. DocBook has so many options, it's easy to
get confused. WP lets you see what's going on, so you have a continuous overview.
You will have to download a 77 Mb file to bring Office 2000 up to sp3. I found it
had some bugs without it.


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